First Look: Ella And Whitney Can’t Seem To Make Up And Abi Questions Scott’s Feelings

It's trouble in paradise...again!

In tonight’s Love Island, both friends and couples are questioning each other’s motives! But first up is a dynamic duo we never thought we’d see falling out: Ella and Whitney.

The two girls have kept their distance from one another following their disagreement yesterday. Zach receives a text which reads: “Ella and Whitney. It’s time for you to head out for a one-to-one, please get ready to leave the Villa. #NothingLeftUnsaid #ItsGivingHarmony.”

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The pair get ready and head out of the Villa to talk through their issues.

Ella says: “I feel like yesterday when I came to talk to you I was a bit hurt. I just wanted to explain that to you and for us to resolve it. But I felt like there were more things coming out from your side.”

Whitney says: “If I could sit here and tell you that you’re not selfish, I would.”

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Ella says: “Let’s be real, this is all because of the challenge.”

Whitney says: “This is why I say we’re not friends because if you think I’m the kind of girl that is going to use a challenge to talk to you to direct, wrong girl. If I’ve got something to say, I will tell you – I don’t need a challenge to sugarcoat things like yourself.”

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Whitney later adds: “If I didn’t think it was true, I would take it back but Ella you are the most selfish person I’ve ever met in my life, it’s true.”

Can the girls resolve their differences?

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Later in the episode, speaking to Scott at the fire pit, Abi says: “I do feel like there is a big lack of interest in this.”

Scott asks: “What? From me?”

Abi says: “Yeah. When people are asking you, you don’t have much to say.”

Scott says: “This boggles my mind. I don’t know how you were with Mitch.”

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Abi says: “If I’m getting these feelings, maybe there is a reason for it.”

Scott asks: “Are you saying you’re not believing what I’m telling you?”

Abi says: “I don’t know because the things that you’re doing don’t show me that you’re interested.”

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Can Scott convince Abi of his feelings for her? Or will love fail to blossom between the pair? Find out tonight!

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player, proudly sponsored by Virgin Mobile

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