First Look: Kady Calls Out Molly And Zach, Mitch Isn’t Happy With Abi, And The Public Have Their Say

There's a dumping on the horizon...

There’s been rumours swirling about a mass dumping all week, and it looks like tonight will be the night as the islanders receive another shocking text that sees the sat around the fire pit. But that’s not the only drama to come, as some of the islanders aren’t pleased with their fellow contestants!

As night falls at the Villa, the Islanders gather in the garden and prepare to toast the evening ahead.

Kady raises her glass as she says: “Well, let’s cheers to an eventful day, a good day, great people, honest opinions and maybe not so honest opinions, let’s have a good night.”

As her fellow Islanders raise a toast, Kady has another message as she says: “Also, congrats to Zach and Molly to being officially closed off.”

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This revelation seems to catch Zach off guard as he sarcastically says: “Wow, what a cheers…I aint even cheersing to that.”

Seemingly unaware of this news, Mitch adds: “What? You didn’t tell us about that!”

Molly shakes her head as she says: “Yeah, she just brought it up, thanks babe.”

As the evening gets off to a very awkward start, how will the rest of the night unfold for the Islanders?

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With Scott and Mitch both vying for Abi’s attention, Scott continues his attempt to win Abi over as they catch up and flirt on the day beds later that evening.

As Abi contemplates her connection with both boys and how to navigate the newly found triangle that she’s found herself in, Scott assures her: “If this is what you want to do, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Mitch is aware of the situation. You’ve got to do what you want to do…right now, you’re the only person I see a possibility with.”

It seems Mitch thinks otherwise as he catches up with Abi after she’s spoken to Scott to let her know how he’s feeling, Mitch says: “I wanted to talk to you all night tonight and we spoke for about ten minutes. Obviously I’m not going to interrupt a chat and by all means get to know Scott but I just feel like there is a level of respect to that and you didn’t give me any…”

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Abi replies: “It was a good chat and I’m going to tell you, I’m not going to lie to you.”

Mitch quips back: “I know it was a good chat, you spent all night with him.”

With Scott and Abi continuing to explore their connection, where does Mitch stand and which boy is Abi most interested in?

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As the Islanders embark on another evening, unbeknownst to them a text message reaches the Villa, it reads: “Islanders, the public have been voting for the most compatible couple…”

Shortly after the Islanders receive another message, as Whitney opens the text she shouts: “No, no, no…

That sounds…dramatic, to say the least!


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