First Look: Scott Pulls Mitch For A Chat And The Islanders Get A Shocking Text

Looks like someone's going home...

The boat was bound to be rocked some time, but it might have come a little sooner than expected. Tonight’s Love Island will be filled with tension as the Islanders lock in the people around them, and a surprising text message throws it all into disarray…

As the Islanders get ready for another evening in the Villa, Mitch has a question for Scott.

Mitch says: “What’s your game plan tonight, Scott?”

Scott replies: “I’m going to have a chat with you mate.”

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As the two are yet to discuss Scott wanting to explore a connection with Abi, they catch up later that evening in the garden.

Scott tells Mitch: “I had a chat with Abi earlier today, you know how things change very, very quickly in here…I’ve got to explore every possibility in here at the moment…I’ve put a few cards on the table saying I’m open to getting to know you and do you feel the same way and she said she’s open…I just wanted to pull you before I start doing anything.”

Following their conversation, Scott and Abi chat on the day beds as Mitch and the rest of the boys look on.

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Whilst the boys observe, Ouzy asks Mitch: “Do you think there’s a chance though?”

Mitch replies: “No”

It appears Sammy thinks otherwise as he tells Mitch: “That’s not what I heard…”

The Islanders evening is interrupted by the arrival of an unexpected text message, it reads: “Can all Islanders gather around the firepit immediately.”

As the Islanders anticipate their fate all becomes clear as another message reaches the Villa informing the Islanders that the power is in the boys hands this evening.

The second message reads: “Islanders, it’s time to recouple. The boys will now pick which girls they want to recouple with.”

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In the first recoupling since Casa Amor and Movie Night, who will couple up with who?

During the speeches one boy shocks a girl with a heartwarming revelation as he says: “I genuinely feel like there is a future with this girl.”

Another boy announces that he would like to be exclusive with the girl he chooses to couple up with.

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Which girl is last to be picked and the last to leave the firepit?

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