First Look: The Love Island Live Final Is Here

It's all coming to a head!

We can’t believe it – the Love Island finale has finally arrived.

It’s been a long journey, with two months of love, laughter, tears and tensions; from bombshells to shock dumpings and plenty of twists along the way.

Now, we’re down to the three final couples, each in with a chance of being voted the publics favourite and winning a 50k prize.

But who will it be? We’ll find out in tonight’s episode, as we watch the Islanders enjoy their last night in the villa, then catch up with them live to find out the results. Whitney and Lochan, Molly and Zach, and Jess and Sammy will all get dolled up for a final party and to declare their feelings for each other in front of the group. It’s gonna be adorable!

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The episode starts off with Tyrique receiveing a text which reads: “Islanders. Tonight you will attend the Love Island ball but before that boys it’s time to spruce up please get ready to leave the Villa. #LookingSharp #FreshFaced”

The boys head out of the Villa to get ready for the evening ahead.

Lochan asks Tyrique: “We’ve obviously got the ball later where we have to open up about our feelings. Are you nervous? Are you excited?”

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Tyrique says: “I am a little bit nervous but I feel like I’ve got a lot of things I want to say and I just want to deliver it in the right way.”

Back at the Villa, the girls head out to the garden for a spa day. Jess asks the girls: “What’s everyone thinking of writing in their declarations?”

Whitney says: “You’ll find out when I say it!”

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Jess says: “Girls, I think I’m going to surprise myself.”

The boys and girls then sit down to pen their declarations of love ahead of tonight’s Love Island ball.

It’s time for the Love Island ball. Suited and booted, the boys eagerly await the arrival of the girls. One by one the girls make their entrance before all the Islanders raise their glasses and Zach says: “Cheers to our experience and finding love!”

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It’s now time for the couples to give their declarations of love, and up first is Tyrique and Ella.

Ella tells Tyrique: “From the boy I met on day one to the man you are today, I’ve seen you change and grow so much – just for me.”

Tyrique tells Ella: “You’ve shown me it’s cool to open up about my emotions and it’s cool to be vulnerable. And being in love is the best feeling ever.”

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Next to make their declarations of love is Jess and Sammy.

Jess tells Sammy: “Knowing how much it takes for you to get strong feelings screams to me how serious and genuine our connection is.”

Sammy tells Jess: “It took some time at the beginning of my journey to realise what I was risking but when I saw you walking towards the fire pit on your own after Casa, I instantly knew that you were all that I wanted – my wandering eye turned into my eye for Jess.”

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Sammy then has something he wants to tell Jess. What will her reaction be?

Now it’s time for Molly and Zach to make their declarations of love.

Molly says: “I’m really looking forward to life outside the Villa together and calling you mine. We are a team Zach, and please don’t ever forget I love you.”

Zach says: “I’m now at a point where I find myself daydreaming about the things and adventures I want to do with you – spoiling you, protecting you and loving you.”

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Zach then has an important question to ask Molly, but will Zach get the answer he desires?

Finally it’s Whitney and Lochan’s turn to read their declarations of love to one another.

Whitney says: “You ask me if I am happy everyday. You kiss my forehead when you think I’m asleep and you tell me I look beautiful every chance you get. You’re exactly what I’ve been looking for.”

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Lochan says: “I want to continue making you happy, growing together, laughing together which is why I can confidently say that I don’t see a future with anyone else on the outside and I can’t wait for our next chapter.”

Having all made their declarations of love, the Islanders dance the night away as their Love Island journey comes to an end.

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Find out who will be crowned the winners of Love Island at tonight’s Live Final, 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

Love Island airs tonight at 9PM on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player, proudly sponsored by Virgin Mobile

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