First Look: Whitney And Sammy Cook Up A Storm And Whitney Pulls Zach

It's Whitney's world and we're just living in it.

It’s Whitney’s world, and we’re just living in it. Following on from last night’s dumping of her couple partner Medhi, Whit is back in action in tonight’s episode. Not only does she get to play with Sammy, she pulls one boy in particular for a chat too…

When it comes to the next day in the episode, the Islanders receive a text message that reads: “Islanders, tonight there will be a couples dinner. As Whitney and Sammy are single, they will be in charge of the cooking #BigDishEnergy #TableForTwo

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As night falls and the Islanders head out for their dinner dates, Sammy and Whitney rename the Villa kitchen, ‘Tasty and Naughty’, as Whitney tries her best to take Sammy under her wing in order to teach him some culinary skills.

The Islanders will be treated to a two course menu, first up is Whitney’s Wild Spag Bol followed by Sammy’s Sexy Sundae but ‘Sammy Ramsay’s’ cooking skills are not quite up to scratch leaving him to put his own spin on things, serving up some delightful ‘pasta mash’ as opposed to spaghetti.

Looking at the plate, Jess says to Mitchel: “Food star rating…zero.” Harsh!

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As Whitney and Sammy struggle in the kitchen, Tyrique asks Ella if her head could turn, Montel thinks this is just the beginning of his and Leah’s journey and Scott and Catherine get closer.

Will the Islanders leave as happy customers? Or will their dinner dates go down as well as Sammy’s cooking?

Later that evening Whitney seems to be back to herself as she decides it’s time to explore other connections following Mehdi’s departure.

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Pulling Zachariah for a chat in the den, Whitney is quick to bring up him kissing her during the Heart Rate Challenge. Whitney says: “How come you are kissing me in challenges?”

Zach adds: “You’ve kissed me in challenges as well. I like this though…”

Whitney: “Are you shocked by this conversation? Where do you stand with Kady?”

Zach: “It’s super early days but this has been a good conversation…we can definitely have a good conversation tomorrow.”

How will tomorrow’s chat between the two go? And has the dumping of Mehdi and Mal changed the dynamic among the Villa?

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