Five Quick & Easy Recipes To Fake A Takeaway Recipe At Home

And they taste just as good too.

We’ve all been there – finally finished work, you’ve got your feet up and the telly on, and the last thing in the world you want to do is labour over the cooker for an hour. Who wouldn’t want the option of hot, tasty food delivered straight to their door?

But for those of us whose weekly takeaway has turned into a more than weekly kind of thing, it may be a good idea to try a bit of cooking of our own – you can bet your bank account will thank you!

Plus, it doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve come up with a couple of delish ‘fakeaway’ options to give your kitchen a little more attention this week. Enjoy!

Chef Adrian’s Homemade Spice Bag


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Oh, the glory of the spice bag. Crispy chicken, fluffy chips and whatever drug they put in Chinese five spice – heaven. Nicola Halloran from The Wonky Spatula teamed up with Cavan chef Adrian Martin to share his secrets for cooking the perfect homemade spice bag that takes only ten minutes to prep!

You can find the recipe here. And for those of you who need your spice bag drowning in curry, McDonell’s original Chinese curry sauce can be found in SuperValu or Tesco, and takes this baby to the next level.

The Happy Pear Vegan Pad Thai


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It can be tough to sway yourself from ordering food when nobody does it better than your local Thai, but this Happy Pear recipe will give them a run for their money.

Packed full of healthy veggies and bursting with flavour, this dish will take you less than twenty minutes to prepare and is ideal for anyone who doesn’t eat meat or gluten – and actually anyone who does! We’re drooling. Find the instructions here.

Jamie Oliver’s Falafel Wraps


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Fakeaways should work for a quick, flavourful fix, and these falafel wraps hit the nail on the head. They’re sweet, spicy, super filling, and ridiculously easy to put together.

We recommend elevating this fakeaway experience by spreading everything out on the table to assemble yourself, and adding some avocado, olives, hummus and crackers. See the recipe here. Chef’s kiss!

Fiona Uyema’s Simple Sushi


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Sushi may well be one of the most tempting takeaways; fresh juicy salmon, sticky sesame rice and buckets of soy sauce hit the spot every time. Did somebody say Just Eat? Hang on a sec! You can DIY your sushi from the comfort of your own home with Tipperary Fiona Uyema’s straightforward sushi recipe here.

Invest in funky chopsticks set and add some of Fiona’s own brand chopped ginger to really feel like you’ve just had a delivery from the Japanese. Amazing.

Bia Maith Butter Chicken Curry


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It would be impossible to leave Indian off the list, and this mouthwatering butter chicken curry from Bia Maith is so good you may never see your Deliveroo driver again.

With just seven easy steps and half an hour to cook, it’s a dream to prepare – and healthy too. You can follow the recipe here, and we highly recommend taking a peek at their homemade garlic Naan bread too.

Takeaway who?

Words by Aoife CodyKane


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