Former Contestants Think This Islander’s Head Could Turn In The Love Island Villa

Say it ain't so!

It might only have been two weeks, but already one Love Island couple have set themselves apart, with Tanya and Shaq standing out as the dream team.

The pair have been adorable basically since day one and fans are rooting them, but according to some of their former villa-mates, the pair might not be as committed as they seem.

Dumped Love Island stars David Salako, Anna-May Robey and Haris Namani recently went live together on Instagram, and shared how they believe Tanya’s head could be turned.


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With Anna-May claiming: “I think Tanya as well. I think Tanya’s head could turn.”

David agreed with: “I don’t honestly think like Tanya is that that that much into Shaq,” while Haris said: “Yes. I know, I know man.”

“It’s actually mad you said  to see that bro because what you see on TV, how they are, I don’t know what they’ve been showing or how they’ve been like put across.”

“The same with Shaq though, Shaq’s not 100% invested in Tanya, because he was still willing to get to know Zara, and Shaq always mentioned that Zara was his type on the outside world and stuff like that – that’s a big thing to say, you know what I mean?”


David then chimed in saying: “Honestly, I’ve told everyone this. Everyone keeps asking. I said ‘Look, I think them two, they’re really comfortable with each other, yes they like each other, there’s no doubt in that, Shaq and Tanya do like each other. But is it strong enough for them to have a genuine connection? I’m not too sure.”

Haris agreed and imply Tanya and former islander David had a connection, explaining: “Not gonna lie, if David was in a little bit longer, I think it would have been a different ball game bro.”

“I think the time frame was limited bro.”

David concluded: “48 hours ain’t enough to get to know anyone mate.”

However Tanya and Shaq are still going strong in the villa, with the pair being the first couple to spend the night alone in the hideaway, and Shaq claiming he could see himself “falling in love with her” so we’re not giving up hope just yet.

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