Gaff Goddess Laura De Barra Is Hosting A Live Life Drawing Class Today

Get you pencil and paper ready, wine is optional.

Here at Stellar HQ we love Laura De Barra. Not only is she a She-IY goddess and writer of a best-selling DIY book, but she also knows how to rock a red lip like nobody else.

Laura is also an illustrator, and those that follow her on Instagram will occasionally get a peek into her craft. That’s when she’s not showing us how to fix our dishwasher’s like the independent ladies we are of course.

In an effort to cheer us all up, and keep us entertained whilst we’re self-isolating, Laura will be hosting an Instagram live later this afternoon.


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🎨Lockown Life Drawing! Class is tomorrow, Sunday on instagram live. 2:30PM. Dress code: Fucking fabulous. Subject: I will be chatting through what you can draw at 12:30PM. In brief; a person, a pet or you can put together a chic arrangement (living). We will then have two hours to get ready, dressssss upppp, pour ourselves a drink, fix our lipstick and then gather to take our seats. I am DYING at the thought of us all getting ready at the same time. DYING! We will be drawing to Donna Summer and other queens, wine optional, fun and forgetting a MUST. In the words of Rupert Holmes… come with me and escape, L x Stage one: 5 pieces of paper. Doesn’t need to be nice paper, can be newspaper, wallpaper cut offs etc This is just to loosen up, let go of fear & overthinking about what is going on to the page… so don’t waste the good stuff! You can also use back and front of pages for this exercise if you’re finding it hard to get your hands on some! You will need 3 different colours of whatever you are using. Dont worry about having the right supplies here, a black, red and blue pen will see you through. If you don’t have 3 colours and will be using just the one, I’ll have a trick for you also. If you have them, charcoals, pastels, markers and heavy pencils are great for this warm up as they allow you to move more freely. I will be using sugar paper & charcoal. Stage two: 4 pieces of paper. Remember anything goes, A4 sheets from the printer, pages ripped from notebooks (if your pages are tiny why not tape some together to make bigger sheets?). If you have a sketchbook or large sheets, then stunning! If not, you’re grand! Supplies for these can be the same as warm up, however you will have more time to work on the pages in this part so paint can be really fun! *if you have no access to paint, henny, I’ve put a highlight up on how to make some from kitchen cupboards. Grab a make up brush and you’re good to go. I will be using large sheets of cartridge paper & black Indian ink. #lockdownlifedrawing

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At 2.30pm she will be hosting a live drawing class and anyone can join. All you need is a pen and paper, and she has emphasised you don’t need anything fancy, a newspaper and a permanent marker will do.

We love this idea, it’s basically paint and prosecco from your own home. So get your housemates/family involved and get the wine flowing (only to help the creative juices of course).


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‪Like I always say #safeischic Because I can, this bish is an indoor kween for now ‬

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It’d also great if you aren’t with your friends as you can all join the Instagram live and do a fun afternoon activity together to keep the cabin fever at bay.

The Cork native has also asked people to get dressed up as much as possible, in her words; “Dress up! Show up!” and there’s “Bonus points for hats, headpieces and bridal wear.”

She’ll be going live at 12pm to run through what you need and then back on at 2.30pm!


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