Gas! Someone Trolled James Kavanagh So He One-Upped Them By Doing *This*

Ultimate sass.

If there’s one thing you can bank on online it’s that there are trolls lurking everywhere and for those with a massive social media, fending off negativity can be a tough gig. Just ask STELLAR agony uncle James Kavanagh, who recently had to defend himself against a less than complimentary critique of his fashion sense.

Rather than be offended though, James responded with total sass.

“Last week I received my first negative fash critique,” James wrote on Instagram. “I want to remember it forever so I got it printed on a t-shirt. Hoping I can one day impress fashion extraordinaire Callummull.”


The negative comment reads:

“I have literally never seen anyone with such bad dress sense. It’s not even like you have your own cool style going on. It’s just from head to toe horrendous! You either dress like that for attention or you seriously need a buyer to help you with clothes.”

You win this one, James.

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