George Ezra Admits To Finding Isolation ‘Lonely’ After Splitting From Girlfriend Of 3 Years

George Ezra and Florence Arnold have called it quits.


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George Ezra is adjusting to life as a single man after reports emerged that he recently split from girlfriend of three years, Florrie.

The British singer Florrie, whose real name is Florence Arnold, was dating and living with George in London until before quarantine when she moved out and the pair decided to go their own ways.

It isn’t clear why the pair ended their relationship and George has always been one to keep things between the pair private, but according to a source who spoke to The Sun, the pair remain on good terms despite the split falling at a tough time.

“It’s not been an easy time, especially with everything else going on in the world. But George is keeping his head down and finding the positives in everything that has happened.”


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George, now 26, recently spoke about adjusting to life in isolation on podcast Phone A Friend. Touching on his split, the Budapest singer said:

“It’s just made it obvious to me how much I rely on human contact. I felt it sneaking in. It was like, ‘What’s that? Oh you feel a bit alone’.”

Previously speaking about his relationship with Florrie, who is now 31, George admitted that being on tour was difficult for their relationship, but they made an effort to have “special nights” to catch up with each other.

Here’s hoping both of them are doing OK!