Georgie Crawford Shares Her Beauty Secrets On Latest Episode Of The Glow Up!

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We’re back with another episode to brighten up your week and let us tell you, this episode is seriously uplifting as it features one of the brightest lights out there, Georgie Crawford.

Getting diagnosed with breast cancer at 32-years-old, seven months after the birth of her little girl, Pia, Georgie chatted openly and honestly with us for the latest episode of The Glow Up, explaining how much her life has changed since October 2017.

Moving in a direction she never saw coming, Georgie talked to us about how lucky she feels every day, how she will never take her health for granted again, and how the person she has become is one she’s so thankful for.

From explaining what it was like to go through the heartbreaking process of shaving her head to realising that she wanted to take her career down a new path, Georgie looks back on the past three years with us for this special episode, chatting about the beauty products that were her saviours along the way.


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As an icon of Irish podcasting, with her show The Good Glow garnering a major audience, Georgie also talked about how she has been finding lockdown and like the rest of us, how she’s adapted to working from home, continuing to create incredible shows with some brilliant guests.

Lastly, of course, it wouldn’t be The Glow Up without talking about telly – something which has been a saviour to us all during this time. Georgie revealed that the Real Housewives have been like her housemates during the pandemic, divulging on her favourite series and all things reality TV.

Yep, it’s a jam packed episode and one that will certainly put a smile on your face!

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