Geri, Emma And Mel C Are Re-Forming The Spice Girls… With A Seriously Cringey New Name

They confirmed the news via a video posted just now.

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First it was five, then it was four, then it was three (but a different three)… At this stage, the Spice Girls will be giving the Sugababes a run for their money in the repeated reunion stakes.

Two decades on from the release of Wannabe, three of the original Spice Girls crew have confirmed plans for a reunion. Geri Halliwell, Emma Bunton and Mel B announced the news just now via a YouTube video, revealing that the trio would be re-launching under the name GEM.

G – E – M: Geri, Emma, Mel, geddit? Cryptic.

Back in 2012, the five original band members reunited for a one-off performance at the London Olympics Closing Ceremony, but we can’t help feeling that this latest reunion is more of a moneyspinner than a nostalgic nod to times past. And it seems we’re not alone on that note:

As for Victoria and Mel C, they’ve both remained tight-lipped about their decision not to get involved in the reboot this time around, though it’s been rumoured for months that they had declined to take part.

A source close to Mel C told The Sun earlier this year that the singer felt it “didn’t feel right” to take part and that she was keen to focus on a “more serious” music career.

Meanwhile a rep for Victoria said earlier this year that she would most likely not return to the band at any point soon. “Victoria has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however her focus is now very much her family and fashion business,” the spokesperson said at the time.

Sorry to say it, but we really don’t have high hopes for this GEM effort.


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