Get Following – 6 Accounts On Instagram That Spark Serious Joy

Fill you feed with mood-boosting positivity!


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During quarantine we’re scrolling more than we ever have before. With less to do and more time to spend online, our activity on apps like Instagram and Twitter has rocketed so, it’s important to make sure the content we’re glued to isn’t hindering our mood or our thoughts in the process.

Besides doing a social detox every couple of months, we’d also recommend an Insta “spring clean” every now and again. Similar to how we clean our gaffs, it’s all about removing anything that longer sparks joy and unfollowing accounts that don’t make us feel too great.

When we’re in a bad mood, social media can often make us feel even worse, and although the first thing we often do to relax is sit back with our phones, it can have the opposite affect once we start scrolling.

And so, in order to add some happiness back into our feeds, we’ve put together a list of 6 accounts that are guaranteed to bring happiness, information and inspiration. From gas videos featuring iconic kweens to inspirational quotes that aren’t loaded with cheese and powerful content that’s worth your time, here are 6 accounts to follow.

Ricky Thompson 

If you haven’t heard about Ricky before hun, you’re in for a treat. Not only will he have you weak from laughing with his gas PSA moments, but his dance videos and perfect song choices are also an absolute treat.


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Jordan Firstman 

Jordan is easily one of our favourite people to follow on TikTok and the fact he posts all his best videos on Instagram too keeps his feed full of hilarious skits and impersonations. His big quarantine hit was when he impersonated a PR speaking to banana bread – yes, it sounds insane but it works so well.

See the slide of videos below.


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Dr Anita Mitra 

Hands up if you have ever panicked about an ache or a pain you’ve felt, cried about your hormones or had some bizarre question about your period? So that’s all of us. Well, Dr Anita Mitra will seriously put you at ease, explaining all you need to know about your body in a way that’s actually easy to understand and really interesting to listen to.


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Emma Dabiri 

Not only is she a fellow Irish gal, but Emma’s feed has us forever feeling inspired and engaged. From her incredible work as an author, academic and TV presenter, Emma has also shared an incredible range of sources on the Black Lives Matter Movement – with information on allyship and what white people can do next, Emma is certainly worth your follow.


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The Just Girl Project 

If you’re all about feed aesthetic then you’re going to love The Just Girl Project’s pastel wonderland. Creating beautiful graphics that feature inspiring words and positive affirmations, The Just Girl Project is both mood-boosting and simply wonderful. We have reposted a few of their pics on STELLAR’s IG because we’re just that totally obsessed.


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Dancia Gim

Continuing with more positive art, Danica’s feed is full of beautiful images that are all about acceptance, equality and freedom. All her prints and poetry is also available to purchase through her page and we adore how she brings her thoughts to life.


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And so, let’s fill our feeds with people and content that makes us smile, laugh and feel good about ourselves, I mean, after all, we’re the ones that have to look at it!