Get Yourself To Vegas ASAP Because Channing Tatum Is Planning A Live Magic Mike Strip-Show

Road trip, anyone?

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Clear out your 2017 diary now and get saving, because a trip to Las Vegas is going to be required for next year.

Why? Well, our Lord and Saviour Channing Tatum is planning a nightly stage show there from March.

Featuring heaps of gorgeous men. Possibly naked.

The actor confirmed plans for a Magic Mike Live show at Vegas’s Hard Rock Hotel and Casino to Cosmopolitan magazine this morning, via a video featuring himself, lots of puppies, and plenty of gorgeous men.

With almost a year to go until opening night, Channing’s asking fans what they’d personally like to see in the show, be it old Magic Mike routines or brand new ones.

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While he’ll definitely be directing, there’s no confirmation yet on whether he’ll star, but we live in hope.

And is it too much to ask for Joe Manganiello too?


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