Gigi Hadid Chats About Bella’s ‘Long And Intense’ Lyme Disease Treatment

We love a supportive big sis!


Gigi Hadid is showing some serious support for her sister during some health issues regarding her Lyme disease diagnosis.

Gigi  took to her Instagram last week to share a throwback photo of herself and Bella from a fashion event.

She captioned the post: “Can’t wait 4 the comebaccckkkkkk.”

Yesterday she took to her Instagram stories reposting the photo and wanting to explain the meaning behind her caption.

She captioned the story: “Just wanna touch on this post from last week. Bella just finished a long and intense treatment for Lyme disease. Didn’t want some to take my post as a promise she’ll be back for shows this next season…”


Her clarification comes just weeks prior to the beginning of fashion week 2023 which kicks off at the start of September.

Adding to the caption Gigi said: “I’m so proud of her and excited for her ✨comeback✨ whenever she feels ready 😊x.”

Bella along with her mam, Yolanda and brother, Anwar, was diagnosed with Lyme disease back in 2012. Bella has been incredibly open discussing the disease and its effects on her and her body over the last decade since her diagnosis.


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She founded wellness drinks brand Kin Euphorics in the hope of improving her symptoms as well as her mental health. She also decided to try her hand at sobriety to aid in her treatment as well. She has been on her sobriety journey for the past 10 months. She told Harper’s Bazaar back in January that cutting alcohol from her life has helped her immensely.

She said: “I realised, I just wake up every morning and take it moment by moment. I realised I could have a glass of champagne tonight if I wanted to. I took one sip and immediately looked at my boyfriend. I immediately knew that it didn’t make me feel better.”