Gigi Hadid’s New Versace Ads Are Being Called Out For Being Racist

Some peeps are seriously peeved about the campaign's imagery.

Versace’s latest ad campaign, featuring Gigi Hadid, has just landed and it’s ruffled more than a few feathers.

The brand shared an image from the new campaign on Instagram yesterday which showed Gigi playing mum to a multiracial family. The reason people are fuming over the seemingly innocent pic? Because there’s a chain around the baby’s buggy.

“Racist image alert. Black baby in chains,” reads one comment on the pic.

“When slavery wasn’t enough for you so you put a chain on an African baby,” reads another.

Another Instagram user dubbed the campaign “white-washing at it’s finest”, while countless others said the brand should “be ashamed”, seeing the image as a racial attack.

Still, there were others who claimed the outcry was completely unjustified.

One comment reads that “people love to find any little thing to get offended over,” while other commenters pointed out that Versace often use chains in their campaign imagery.

What do you think? Are the accusations of racism a justified response to the new campaign?


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