Gigi Hadid’s Twitter Response To Allegations She Punched A ‘Fan’ Is SO On Point

She was visibly furious.

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Gigi Hadid’s Milan Fashion Week experience was tainted on Wednesday after she became the victim of an on-street assault, but the model handled things in her signature fierce way.

The model was leaving the Max Mara SS17 showcase with her younger sister Bella when she was grabbed from behind by a stranger and lifted off the ground, as seen in the video below:

Despite being surrounded by security, it seemed as if it was left up to Bella to pull the man’s hands off Gigi, as the latter forced her way out of his grip. As her assaulter ran off, Gigi chased him up the street, and in the video can be heard shouting, “Who are you, you piece of sh*t?”

After making her way to her car, Gigi could be heard telling her bodyguard to “find that man.”

It’s since emerged that the assaulter was Ukrainian media personality serial creep Vitalii Sediuk, who has made a point of assaulting various celebrities over the years.

In 2012, he kissed Will Smith at a Moscow film premiere, and in 2014 he punched Brad Pitt outside the El Capitan theatre in LA. That same year he pushed Kim Kardashian over outside a Paris Fashion Week Balmain show, and during 2015’s PFW he kissed Miranda Kerr at a Louis Vuitton show.

However before the man’s identity was revealed, various media outlets chose to paint Gigi’s response as aggressive, with many portraying Vitalii as just an over-enthusiastic fan. Here’s Gigi’s sassy AF response:

“Thanked my boxing coach today,” she added, before encouraging all women to wise up on physical defence tactics.

Could we love her any more?



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