Go, Go, Go! Ryanair Are Gifting Us All With This Amazing Black Friday Deal!

BRB, off to Berlin.


Look, we love Black Friday, and we can fill our virtual baskets with all the make-up palettes, handbags and party dresses we like, but really, nothing beats spending your hard-earneds on something you can look forward to: a holiday.

That’s why, we’re only freakin’ delighted that Ryanair have launched a pretty awesome deal on flights to mark today’s Black Friday sales.

Are you ready for this? The budget airline are offering 20% off across 10 million seats, and better yet, the seats are for travel from December right up until March next year, so you’ve plenty of time to get planning.

Pretty deadly given that most of their fares are already dirt cheap, right?

The only catch is that you’ll need to book your flights by Midnight tonight, but we reckon that’s just enough time to round up a gaggle of gal pals, pick a destination and pop a date in your iCal.

Get to it, ladypal.