Gordon Ramsay Does NOT Approve Of Laura Whitmore’s Crisp Sandwich

"Now that bread looks like a cardboard box"


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Laura Whitmore has just shared a video of Gordon Ramsay absolutely pulling apart her crisp sandwich-making skills and we’re equal parts offended and entertained.

It seems Laura’s video has divided the internet, as she controversially didn’t put butter on her sandwich – which, to say the least, set Gordon off.

In the clip Gordon shared his dismay at Laura’s lack of butter and salad dressing. Watching Laura make her sandwich he said:

“Wait Laura, no butter? Come on”

“Now that bread looks like a cardboard box”


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A post shared by Laura ⚡️ (@thewhitmore)

Continuing on, when Laura tasted her sandwich and said it reminded her of her childhood, Gordon playfully commented:

“That does not remind me of a childhood, that gives me nightmare!”

Yikes, it looks like no one is safe from Gordan’s wrath.

Of course, Laura took it in good fun, saying: “Anyone else don’t like butter on their sandwich, butter is for warm baked potatoes!#justme

People in the comments section battled it out as to whether a crisp sandwich should have butter on the bread or not, with the majority overruling that it should – and we agree, soz Laura!

One famous recipe Gordon is on board with however, is Gigi Hadid’s iconic ‘vodka pasta’ which he has tasted himself. Speaking about the dish and his unlikely friendship with Gigi he said that the model sent him her dish a while ago, and he loved it!

“Gigi sent me this dish a couple of weeks back on Instagram and said, ‘Chef, what do you think?” Gordon said.

“And I said, ‘Girl, it’s good. In fact, it’s f**king good.”


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