Gorgeous! This Stunning Rose Gold Sparkler Is The Most Popular Engagement Ring On Pinterest RN

It's racked up 103,900 pins.

Lately, engagement rings have taken a turn away from the traditional. As plain bands and square cut diamonds lose favour, gold rings and coloured gem stones have grown in popularity. Even tattooed engagement rings had a moment recently and the latest trend to emerge in the arena is even more gorgeous.

Enter: Rose Gold engagement bands, set to be a major trend in 2017.

The trend has been growing in popularity since late last year and now it’s gained notoriety on Pinterest, thanks to this stunning custom made number.

The 1.22 karat king was designed for Sylvia Billone according to the Daily Mail and since it’s been shared online it’s racked up an impressive 103,900 pins. Sadly, Sylvia is yet to share any details about the cost.

What do you make of the trend for rose gold engagement rings? Quirky and unique or just a fad?

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