Got Stretch Marks? Then You’ll Love The New #ThighReading Social Media Trend

Showing your stretchmarks is the new way to battle back at online body bullies and take the power back. Will you be joining in?

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen’s making stretch marks a-Okay

Remember when Chrissy Teigen shared a pic of her less-than-perfect pins on Insta? She snapped her legs complete with stretch marks and bruises, and the internet took a bow. Why? Because if someone as physically perfect as Chrissy has something as normal as stretch marks, and is willing to show them in all their silvery, wiggly glory on social media, when the normal image presented from models, actresses and A-listers is one of unblemished perfection, then that’s big, big deal in #StopTheShame terms.

thigh reading

Now, Twitter user @princess_labia‘s drawing even more attention to stretch marks – which TBF, so many of us have – by tweeting, “palm readings <<<< thigh readings – show me your #ThighReading.” The idea, of course, is that, like your palm, your stretch marks tell the story of your life, and it’s one you shouldn’t be ashamed of.

thigh reading

We <3 the idea, and it seems Twitter does too: users are sharing their stretch pics and stories. User @tatlany said, “look at these beauty marks I love them more than anything (even if it’s hard),” while @Gundams_Waifu said, “luv ur cellulite and stretch marks, kids.”

thigh reading

What’s so great about scrolling the #ThighReading hashtag is that you’ll see soft thighs, hard thighs with the marks of teenage growth spurts, wobbly thighs – yannow, the sort of thighs we all have – and not just one sort of soft-focused Photoshopped thigh we’re used to seeing and think is ‘normal’.

As another antidote to online body bullies and body shaming, we’re fans. We’re on a mission this summer to say a big fat no to those who want to police our bodies – because they truly come in all shapes and sizes and we really have to start to appreciate that. We are more than the sum of our sizes; hashtags like this help us to appreciate that.

So, we’ve got to say, props to these ladies for showing us their #ThighReading. Whaddya reckon? Gonna bare all and show us yours?