Great News For Coffee Lovers: You Aren’t Drinking Too Much Caffeine

Grab another espresso. New guidelines say you can up your coffee intake to four cups a day.

Coffee beans

Worried you might be overdosing on coffee? Don’t be! The E.U. have just released guidelines for the daily consumption of caffeine, and guess what? We’re allowed four whole cups a day. Deadly!

A comprehensive report failed to find any adverse side effects to the oh-so-necessary pick me up. “Habitual caffeine consumption up to 400 mg per day does not give rise to safety concerns for non-pregnant adults,” say the researchers.

This essentially means that as long as you aren’t drinking more than four lattes a day you’ll be grand.

A warning though; one of the main messages the researchers wanted to get across is that consumers should be conscious of caffeine they are getting from other products too. Yes, that means that if you’re drinking those four cups of coffee a day you can’t be drinking cans of coke too.

So what’s it to be: coffee or coke?

By Laura Somers