Greg O’Shea Confesses He Feels Insecure About His Rugby Injuries

“I had my nose, cheekbone, eye sockets and skull broken in a rugby tackle"

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Greg O’Shea is opening up about his insecurities, confessing he is still learning to love some injuries from his rugby days.

The Love Island star played for the Ireland 7s, and competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, before retiring in 2021.

During an interview with the Irish Independent, Greg was asked about his insecurities, and admitted his rugby days left him with some face injuries he isn’t fond off.

“My crooked nose and crushed skull,” he answered.

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“I had my nose, cheekbone, eye sockets and skull broken in a rugby tackle a few years back,” he explained.

Continuing on the Limerick man explained that while he had undergone surgery to repair the damage to his nose, he hadn’t for his skull.

“I’ve had three surgeries to fix the nose and I haven’t had the dent fixed in my skull yet. I get very insecure when people look at me for too long or point it out online in photos,” he said.


While he is no longer focusing on rugby, Greg is still quite the athlete, and recently completed a leg of the Tour De France.

The race is one of the biggest events in the cycling world, known for what a challenge it is.

Greg journeyed across the first leg of the iconic trail, L’Etape du Tour de France, as a part of a cycling team. In doing so, the Love Island champion cycled nearly 158 km with a 4000 m incline.

“I just cycled a leg of the Tour de France, and even though it pushed me so far out of my comfort zone I still absolutely loved the challenge,” he wrote on Instagram, as he shared a snap if himself with a race medal.