Gucci Is Receiving A Lot Of Backlash For These Jeans And We Have A Few Questions

The designer label has Twitter in a storm over its latest 'laughable' offering.


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When it comes to creating new pieces, we understand there’s a lot of pressure on designers to think “forward”, ahead of the curve and influence trends. But sometimes, even the big labels can surely get it wrong?

I mean, everyone makes mistakes, right?

We had Balenciaga do those pants with built-in high heels in 2017 (that looked like morph suits), Dolce and Gabanna trying to make “fashion pasta” a thing in 2018, and then Gucci pulling the Nordstorm head wrap in 2019.

But once again, the brand is coming under fire for its latest creation, a pair of “grass-stained” jeans for nearly €700.

Cool, cool, cool.

Firstly, we’ll explain the brand’s reasoning. According to Gucci, the jeans were made to “blur the line between vintage and contemporary”, offering you with a “stained-like, distressed effect”.


According to Gucci, the brand is exploring “new takes” on denim, but we just can’t help but feel we’ve seen this look before.

Was it after Coppers when some of the lads decided to play red rover, charging each other into the grass?

Or was it at a communion when little Seán destroyed his “Sunday best” playing tag with his cousins?

It’s hard to pinpoint, but it’s certainly a look that seems familiar… without the label or price tag.

Yes, €680 for a pair of denim jeans with stained knees feels all too like a funny prank and it’s fair to say that Twitter feels the same.

And the comments go on and on.

Yes, it’s safe to say we can’t imagine people walking around in these grass stained jeans for Fall 2020, but then again, we don’t want to speak to soon, with the way fashion can influence people, you never know, we might all be donning a similar style sooner than we think.