Hailey Bieber Is Watching Sex And The City For The First Time Ever

She’s shocked us!

Hailey Bieber has been setting trend after trend both in the beauty and fashion spheres this past year, so you can imagine our shock when we heard she hadn’t watched one of the most stylish shows on tv, Sex and the City!

Hailey took to Instagram yesterday to share a photo dump which included photos of herself as well as shots of her ever sought after looks. However, it wasn’t the photos that caught people’s attention, no… it was the caption.

The Rhode founder left friends and fans alike in shock after she revealed through the caption on her photo dump that she has never seen the iconic show Sex and the City.

She captioned her photo dump: “is currently watching all of sex and the city for the first time ever.

While she has taken the plunge and started the series, Hailey hasn’t revealed whether she’s enjoying it and whether she plans on continuing to the end of the franchise, spin-offs included.

Friends and fans took to the comments section minutes later to share their disbelief at the model’s revelation.

Kim Kardashian commented: “Are u ok???? This is wild.”

Stylist to the stars, Maeve Reilly said: “First time ever?????!!!!!!”

While bestie, Lori Harvey revealed she hadn’t see the franchise either: “Wait same 🤣.”

The rest of the pics in the photo dump showed some serious style moments from Hailey. We’re sure we will see them popping up over and over again, now that the world’s number one style savvy ‘It Girl’ has deemed them stylish enough.