Hang On A Sec, Does This Mean Gossip Girl Could Eventually Come Back?!

Chuck Bass himself says he'd be on board but only under certain conditions.

Ed Westwick

Ever since Gossip Girl left our screens (and broke our hearts) in 2012, we have been waiting for even the tiniest glimmer of hope that the Upper East Siders would come back for a reunion series.

Well, we may have juts gotten it. Possibly.

Resident GG hunk, Ed Westwick has set our chins wagging after speaking about the idea of a possible Gossip Girl re-make, with the original cast, and revealing what would have to happen for this to actually come about.

When asked in a recent interview with Radio Times if there was a possibility that the cast would get back together for another season of the show, Ed, who played the handsome Chuck Bass initially ruled it out completely, replying “Nah, that’s not gonna happen.”

“I know there’s a bunch of them coming back – I hear they’re doing Will and Grace, they’ve done Gilmore Girls,” he continued. “But it’s such a strange thing to think about. It feels like we only just finished! And I haven’t done enough in between yet to feel like I could comfortably revisit it. And I did so much with that character – it’s played out, man. It’s done.”

But wait! 

Ed then changed his tune a bit and appeared slightly more enthusiastic about the idea when the interviewer suggested that Netflix throw a whole load of cash at the producers of the show to make it happen. He laughed and responded “Yeah I’ll do it then, Hundred Percent.”

He wouldn’t play with our hearts like that now would he? Basically, don’t expect to see a new series anytime soon, but if the time (and money) is right, we know there’s at least one cast member who’s definitely on board.