Hang On, Is This Why Clay From 13 Reasons Why Looks So Familiar?

We knew we’d seen that face somewhere before.

Dylan Minnette, AKA Clay Jensen, is one of our absolute faves in 13 Reasons Why, but we’ve always had a feeling that we’d seen him on our screens somewhere before.

And then we stumbled upon a collage on Facebook. Eureka!

Young Dylan starred in Grey’s Anatomy as Ryan, the boy with no ears.

His character had the internal structure of ears, but not the external structure, so he could hear but looked as though he couldn’t.

As his character’s mother worked in the hospital cafeteria, Ryan chanced his arm and asked the hospital staff if they could make him new ears.

The wonderful Doctor Meredith came to the rescue, and gathered surgeons and nurses to make the young boy’s dream come true. Awh!

Dylan isn’t the only 13 Reasons Why character to have starred in Grey’s Anatomy. Kate Walsh, who plays Hannah Baker’s mother, played the role of Dr. Addison Montgomery in the show for seven years.

Mind = Blown.

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