Harry Styles Just Left A Hilarious Comment On A Post About James Corden

But what is this secret project??


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We love witty Harry.

James Corden filmed a hilarious feature for his show alongside Tom Cruise in celebration of the latest Top Gun film. In the clip a terrified James boards a fighter jet with Tom as pilot and ‘enjoys’ a Top Gun style ride in the sky.

James’ fear is apparent but he goes through with it trusting the movie star with his life. With over 5.5 million views on YouTube in just one day, it’s clear the clip was a hit with fans, and turns out it was a hit with the crew too!

Producer of The Late Late Show With James Corden Ben Winston took to Instagram to share his admiration for both Tom and James and praising the work put into the clip.


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He wrote, “In seven and a half years I think this is my favourite thing we’ve ever done. I smiled for the whole 24 hours. Tom Cruise is everything you want him to be. And this is James at his absolute funniest and bravest. No one else could do this. If you have some time watch this piece we did on our show last night. It’s everything we ever wanted our show to be…”

What a sweet message! The only thing is Ben has done a lot of amazing productions through the years, including work with One Direction and Harry Styles having produced multiple films and TV shows they were involved in.

Harry and Ben became extremely close friends over the years with Harry even being Godfather to Ben’s daughter Ruby, so when Harry caught wind that this project was Ben’s “favourite thing” he has done, he wasn’t very happy. Commenting under the heartfelt post, Harry left a cheeky but hilarious comment under the post saying, simply, “Rude.”

Fans were loving this interaction with the comment getting 61,705 likes in the 20 hours it has been up so far. Ben assured Harry he couldn’t be beaten though while also hinting at a new project with the singer, writing, “Sorry H. But after tomorrow this will be my second favourite.” Hmm…

What are they up to today?



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