Have You Been Lacking In Tinder Matches Lately? This Could Be Where You’re Going Wrong

The profile is KEY my friends.

Tinder dating app photo

Ever sit and think to yourself: “I’m such a catch, why are the Tinder matches not flooding my phone?” Well, you could be making this simple mistake.

Dublin-based creative studio Connector carried out research into what makes Irish people swipe right, and found lots of reasons why you could be missing the mark with your Tinder profile.

The survey, conducted with over 500 Irish people, found that the biggest turn-off when swiping is photos with exes or couples, so you best take down that pic of you and your cousin from last Christmas.

The second biggest turn-off is a boastful or obnoxious bio. Remember, confidence is key – not cockiness.

When it comes to ages, you might not be too shocked. The survey found that young women, aged 14-24, are looking for men around the same age, while those aged 25-54 are looking for someone older. Older men, aged 25-54, are looking for younger women, while those aged 14-24 are looking for around the same age.

There are unwritten rules of communication, with 82% of males saying they message first and only 40% females willing to do the same.

If you’re struggling to strike up a conversation on your dating app, Connector recommends using the keywords ‘music’, ‘festivals’ and ‘travel’ in your bio, as over 20% of people said that these keywords make them want to start a conversation.

Time to start revamping your profile!


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