Have You Noticed H&M’s Sizes Getting Smaller? These Shoppers Seem Pretty P***ed Off

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Ah, clothes shopping. Sometimes it’s an easy-breezy experience and other times you leave the fitting room in a red-faced sweat, vowing never to touch a piece of bread or a square of Dairy Milk ever again.

One store which has been leaving a lot of shoppers in a panic of late is H&M. The store has reportedly scaled down its sizing on various lines, with some shoppers saying they’ve had to go one or even two sizes above their normal size.

Not only is it frustrating, it’s been leaving people feeling pretty down on themselves.

Over on Facebook, users of the GirlCrew Dublin page have been weighing in on the issue too:


There’s been suggestions that the size shrinkage is restricted to lines aimed at younger shoppers, with more “mature” lines like H&M Basics still keeping to slightly larger size ranges.

Of course, the problem isn’t restricted to H&M – other retailers have been called out for extreme variation in sizes too:

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