Have You Noticed? Kate Middleton Makes This Subtle Beauty Change Every Time She’s Pregnant

Did you notice this?

Kensington Palace announced yesterday that Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their third child, revealing that they’re “very pleased” and “members of both families are delighted with the news.”

Now it seems we should have noticed her pregnancy sooner, as Kate made the same change to her appearance this time as she did during her other two pregnancies.

Journalist, Kate Proctor, noticed that the 35-year-old updates her hairstyle whenever she’s expecting, in order to take attention away from her belly. “Pattern is Duchess of Cambridge changes her hairstyle, people concentrate on her head, then announces pregnancy. My gfs called this wks ago!” she tweeted.

Shortly before the Duchess announced she was pregnant with Prince George, she had her hair restyled with layers and a fringe. We were so focused on her new ‘do that nobody noticed her budding bump. Similarly, before she announced she was expecting Princess Charlotte, Kate changed her usual style by wearing fancy hats.

Most recently, she had a few inches cut from her long, dark locks, so we really should have known Baby Number Three was on the way.

We’re on to you now, Duchess.

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