Have You Seen Those Angry Eyal Booker Pics? He’s Taken To Instagram To Explain

"Nothing crazy is going on in our relationship."

Some pictures emerged this week of Eyal Booker looking particularly angry on the streets of LA. Paparazzi snapped the 25-year-old it what looked like a nasty row with his girlfriend, Delilah Hamlin.

In the pictures he looks incredibly angry, as if he is screaming and shouting. Delilah too, looks upset in the snaps as they were unpacking bags from her SUV.

The images were published on the Daily Mail website and have been getting a lot of attention since.


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However, the Love Island star is denying that it was an argument at all and has spoken about the pictures on his Instagram.

In a bid to ‘clear some things up’ the London model explained what was happening in the snaps; “I literally smacked my hand on the car which made me pull that face because it hurt for a couple of minutes.”

“We weren’t arguing and nothing crazy is going on in our relationship. We’re very happy,” he explained.

Delilah was also on his stories and said; “We have never argued before! We talk things through.”

“It’s not in my nature to be screaming. We’re very happy,” he added.


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Eyal is now living in California with Deliliah, daughter to Housewives star, Lisa Rinna.

They started dating after Delilah slid into his DM’s after seeing him on Love Island in 2018.


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