Here Are All The Best-Worst Rom Coms You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Because sometimes you just want something silly and fun.

Feel like staying in this weekend? Get some snacks and settle down in front of some fluffy rom coms on Netflix. They may not be high art (pfft) but who says everything has to be?

Bride Wars

This film has a very strange idea about female priorities – are weddings really everything in life? Are they worth going to war with your best friend over? Like, no, but Bride Wars is still a fun watch. And pre-fame Chris Pratt is in it!

Maid In Manhattan

We expect romantic comedies to be cheesy, but Maid in Manhattan is simply LOADED with brie. Jennifer Lopez plays the beautiful maid that high-powered politician Ralph Fiennes falls in love with. Will he stay with her once he realises she’s not rich? Probably, in fairness.

The House Bunny

This extremely silly but highly enjoyable film stars Anna Faris as a Playboy Bunny who becomes the house mother of a college sorority after getting kicked out of Hugh Hefner’s mansion. If the line “The eyes are the nipples of the face” doesn’t make you snort-laugh, then there is no hope for you.

Magic Mike XXL

Could you call Magic Mike XXL a romantic comedy? Maybe, if we count the love that can be shared by a bunch of male strippers on a road trip. While the first Magic Mike was weirdly serious, this one will have you screaming laughing. That scene in the gas station!

Just My Luck

We love a rom com with ridiculous premise, and this is an especially good one – when Lindsay Lohan, a girl with amazing luck, kisses Chris Pine, a man with terrible luck, their fortunes are swapped. Zany hijinks ensue as Lindsay tries to get her life back on track.

Ghost of Girlfriends Past

Remember when Matthew McConaughey was the king of rom coms? In this one, he plays a sleazy womaniser who learns the error of his ways through visits from the ghosts of his past girlfriends. A young Emma Stone pops up as one of those ghosts – and look at her and Matthew now! Oscar winners!

Uptown Girls


How we miss the late Brittany Murphy, who always brought such charm and warmth to a film. She plays the party-girl daughter of a rock star who, after discovering her father’s accountant embezzled her money, becomes a nanny for a straight-laced little girl (Dakota Fanning). You’ll probably cry.

My Best Friend’s Wedding

How much do you want to shake Julia Roberts’ character in this film and tell her to catch a hold of herself? Loads, I’ll bet. Worth watching just for the I Say A Little Prayer scene alone.

Dear John

Channing Tatum enlists in the army and heads off to Afghanistan, leaving Amanda Seyfried behind. Will their love survive the war? They’re both such drips that you won’t really care, but it’s fun anyway.

If you’re looking for more Nicholas Sparks-penned romances, Netflix has got ’em – there’s The Choice, Safe Haven, and of course, The Notebook. You’ll be weeping all weekend.