Here’s Why People Are Convinced Taylor Swift’s New Album Is Coming In Two Weeks

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When Taylor Swift’s single Shake It Off dropped in August 2014, it instantly catapulted her from the world of cutesy country love ballads to slick, edgy pop. Her album 1989 followed just two months later, and the transformation was complete.

Since then we’ve had 85 world tour gigs, two boyfriends, one Kim-Kanye feud and a whole heap of red carpet appearances from Taylor, but no new music as yet.

After finishing her 1989 tour back in February, the singer revealed she was taking a break from music. But given the Calvin-Tom-Kim-Kanye drama of late, there’s been more than enough fodder to fuel countless new albums, surely?

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While there’s been no official talk of a new album as yet, many fans are convinced that some unheard music could be on the way as soon as the end of this month. Why? Well, according to a new theory shared by a writer at The Washington Post, the dates just add up. Here goes…

Reason 1
Taylor’s generally released a new album every two years on the trot. Given that the two-yer anniversary falls on October 27, 2016, we’re due a new release aaany day now.

Reason 2
October 24th 2016 will mark the ten-year anniversary of Tay’s first album, creatively titled Taylor Swift. A milestone that’s too monumental to ignore, according to The Washington Post.

Reason 3
It could well be a surprise release. Despite going all-out with promo for 1989 before its release, Taylor’s new approach could follow in the footsteps of Beyoncé i.e. an album drop with no warning. That would explain why we’ve heard NO TALK of new music whatsoever.

Total postulation, or a theory that makes sense? We’ve no idea, but by God we’d LOVE a new Taylor release, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.


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