Here’s Everything Elle MacPherson Eats In A Day

They don't call her 'The Body' for nothing, you know.

Elle MacPherson

What do supermodels eat?

While you might be forgiven for thinking their long limbs and good looks are a result of winning the genetic lottery, it’s fair to say that a saintly diet and a tough workout routine also have their part to play.

Enter Elle MacPherson, the woman, that at 52, is still known as “The Body” and has a physique that even the most lithe of 20-year-olds might feel envious of.

Attributing her youthful appearance to a well-balanced diet and a hefty intake of water, (she drinks an impressive three litres a day) Elle recently sat down with New Potato to divulge what she eats on the daily.

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There are no McDonalds McMuffins or Granola pots on the go for Elle’s brekkie. She kicks off her morning with a glass of lemon water and then chases that with either fruit and chia seed pudding or an egg on spelt toast, and another glass of H2O.

Proving that her diet isn’t completely rigid, she also has some almond cookies, washed down with an espresso.


Elle keeps things simple and low-cal come lunch time, scoffing either fish and vegetables or a plant-based protein and vegetables, all washed down with another glass of water.

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It’s Elle’s go-to afternoon snack that we’re most lusting after. She’s makes a smoothie with Super Elixir Protein Powder, almond milk, a frozen banana and 500ml of water. Sounds delish!


Finally, Elle finishes her day with a super satisfying salad. She combines a plant-based protein, goat cheese, fish and either quinoa, red rice or sweet potato for a serving of carbs. Lastly, she follows it up with – you guessed it – another glass of water.

Chatting about her diet, Elle explains “Ultimately, I’ve learned that an alkaline body and PH-neutral body is a healthier body. Many people believe that it combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and therefore is anti-aging. When all of our eleven body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state.”


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