Here’s Everything That’s Reopening In Ireland Today

We're SO ready

Having been in a lockdown since last December, we’re welcoming the easing of restrictions with open arms over the upcoming months, beginning with today’s new rules.

On Monday, the 10th of May, many services up and down the country will open up shop again, hopefully for the last time as we cruise our way back to normal life from here on.

Starting with the biggie, from today onwards hairdressers and barbers can reopen their doors once again.

Cultural institutions, such as libraries, galleries and museums are also among those given the green light to welcome in the public again.

Of course, intercounty travel is also now permitted, and along with this, up to six people from three different households can gather in a garden, and up to 15 people can meet up in an outdoor setting. For those who are lucky enough to be fully vaccinated, you can enjoy some extra leeway, as it’s now permitted for vaccinated people to meet up with other vaccinated people indoors, with up to three other households permitted.

Up to 50 people can attend weddings, funerals, and masses from today onwards, 6 may attend an indoor after celebration and 15 outdoors. Team sports can resume under a pod basis of up to 15.

Other than that, retailers still have a week to go before they can open their doors to the public again, however, some brands are offering their services on an appointment basis from today for a week. These include Penneys, Brown Thomas, Kildare Villiage, and Zara.

For information on how you can book in your slot, please visit their sites respectively.