Here’s Exactly How Many Votes Millie And Liam Received To Win Love Island

Did they have it in the bag all along?

On Monday night we saw the show we’ve dedicated the last 8 weeks of our lives to draw to an end.

Whether you were happy with the final results or not, you can’t deny that Milliam appears to be the fan’s favourite, and the latest voting figures released have confirmed that.

Just to recap, on the night Kaz and Tyler came in fourth place, Faye and Teddy third, Chloe and Toby second and Liam and Millie stole the number one spot.

And it seems the two winners had it in the bag all along, as they won with 42.02% of the public’s vote. Chloe and Toby didn’t do too badly with 30.85%, while Faye and Teddy received 14.85%, and Kaz and Tyler got 12.27%.

Since leaving the villa both Millie and Liam have shared a little update with their (now massive) Instagram following. The two are now back in the UK and quarantining separately, but plan to meet up as soon as it’s safe to do so.

However, in the best news we’ve heard from the islanders yet, Liberty Poole revealed in her exit interview that she and newfound BFF Kaz are hoping to move in together. She said:

“I’m going to miss Kaz the most.

“However, I’m hoping that we’ll get a place together soon, so hopefully, I won’t have to miss her for much longer,”


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Eeek, if you could vote for friends to win the show, we reckon Kaz and Lib would have won by 100%.


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