Here’s Exactly When Donald Trump Will Become The Next President Of The USA

After his election win this morning, Donald Trump will become the 45th US president. We find out what happens now.

Donald Trump

This morning the world awoke to news that Republican candidate Donald Trump had won the US election and would soon be the next president of the USA.

Of course, the question on everybody’s lips is, what happens next?

Here’s a run down…

When will Trump be sworn in to office?

Trump will officially become the 45th president of the USA on Friday January 20th 2017. Until noon on that day, Obama will serve as president. Historically, the vice president is sworn in first, followed by the new president at exactly midday. The Inauguration ceremony will take place in Washington DC.

What policies is Trump likely to implement?

The areas most likely to have international ramifications are trade, foreign policy, climate change and immigration.


Trump has opposed the proposed Trans-Pacific partnership deal, a trade pact that involves 12 countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Japan. He’s also threatened to impose 45 per cent tariffs on goods from China, prompting fears of a trade war.

Foreign Policy

Trump has said he would dismantle or at least restructure Obama’s deal with Iran, which seeks to prevent the Islamic Republic from attaining weapons. He’s also suggested having a much closer relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin and has questioned America’s treaty commitments with Nato allies.

Climate Change

Unlike many leading experts in the field, Trump has blasted global warming as a ‘hoax’ and has said he will stop all payments for UN global warming programmes.


Trump previously revealed plans to triple America’s deportation force, which could see up 1.2million people deported from the US every year. He has also campaigned on his pledge to a build a wall around the Mexican border and called for a ban on muslim immigration.

What will the immediate fallout be?

As with any major international development, the stock market will likely take a hit. In fact, in the hours after Trump’s win, markets are already indicating that Wall Street could suffer its biggest ever plunge and analysts predict that the long-term fallout could be worse than the Brexit vote in June.

More as we get it.