Here’s How Cheryl Is Reportedly Going To Finally Announce Her ‘Pregnancy’

Go hard or go home, eh, Cheryl?


We’ve waited, and we’ve waited some more, and still, despite all the ‘bump’ pictures and comments from their celebrity pals, Cheryl and Liam still haven’t made an official announcement that they’re expecting their first child.

You might remember that back in January, Cheryl was snapped behind the scenes at a photoshoot, thought to be for L’Oreal.

Cheryl On Set 1

Now a source has revealed that the pics from the shoot are also set to serve another purpose: Chezza’s pregnancy reveal.

They tell The Sun:

“Cheryl’s bump will appear in the new L’Oreal campaign which is coming out in a few weeks.

“The bump is obvious and she is not trying to hide it any more. It is partially visible in the still images but even more so in an accompanying video which will be going out alongside it.

“There is talk that the pics of Cheryl might even be on billboards in Piccadilly Circus in London.

“Obviously the bump is not the focus of the campaign and Cheryl is one of a number of women who feature, but it will inevitably be the big talking point.”

We’re taking this all with a massive pinch of salt, but can you imagine? Forget Beyonce’s Instagram twins announcement; Cheryl revealing her pregnancy via billboard would be even more epic.


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