Here’s How Soon We’ll Know The Results Of Today’s US Presidential Election

America takes to the polls today to vote for the 45th president of the USA.

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It’s been a tight and long-drawn out race and today America will finally take to the polls to vote for its 45th president; a decision that’s sure to have ramifications not just for the US, but for countries the world over.

120 million Americans are expected to vote in today’s election that will ultimately see either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump be elected to office.

Here’s how election day is likely to pan out

Polling booths will open in all 50 states across six different time zones from as early as 11am GMT and are likely to close between midnight and 1am GMT.

Once the polls have closed, projections based on opinion polls for each state will begin rolling out. These will give a good indication of which candidate has won in each state, but are not to be relied upon.

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When will we have a final result?

Best have a steady supply of caffeine to hand if you’re staying up for the final result as it’s likely to be a late one.

First polls will begin to close around 11pm GMT, with all states predicted to have completed voting by 4am.

In 2012, the Associated Press announced the result for Barack Obama at 4.38am, and political experts have predicted that this election may reach a result around the same time.

That said, if votes from the East Coast show a clear winner early on, the result could come sooner than that. Polls typically close around 12.30am GMT in these states, so in this case, a winner would likely be announced between 1.30am and 2.30am.

What happens next?

The result could be too close to call or legal battles could delay the results of even force a recount. In the case of a tie between Clinton and Trump, the House Of Representatives would vote to choose the next president.

When a clear winner is finally chosen, both candidates will give a speech, with one claiming victory and the other admitting defeat.

Where can I watch it?

Live coverage begins on Sky News from 10pm GMT.


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