Here’s How You Can Watch The Friends Reunion In Ireland

Start buying in the snacks

The excitement is most certainly mounting for the Friends reunion special. The original gang have been teasing their reunion for what feels like a decade now, but the day is finally *almost* upon us.

On May 27th (that’s three days from now) the reunion episode will drop, and if you’re frantic to know where you can watch it here in Ireland, we’ve got you sorted.

Sky have obtained the rights to the show, so we can happily enjoy it without perusing some dodgy sites. It will land on demand from 8 am on Thursday morning, and will stream on Sky One later that evening at 8 pm. You’ve been warned, cancel all plans now.

Fans have been beside themselves with excitement for the show since the official trailer for the get-together dropped last week. In the short clip, we saw the whole gang, Jennifer, Lisa, Courteney, Matt, David, and Matthew, back together again.

While the reunion will not be an episode, but rather an unscripted sit-down reunion with the cast. The 6 stars are expected to take part in a Friends quiz, read through old scripts, reminisce on their favourite moments from the show, and take a trip down memory lane looking at some of the show’s most iconic outfits.

Along with the original cast, they will also be joined by a whole host of famous faces including Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa.

Now, if you’ll excuse us we’ll just be watching the trailer on loop until Thursday.



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