Here’s Our Favourite Moments From One Tree Hill, 20 Years On

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Can you believe it’s been 20 years of One Tree Hill? We certainly can’t. There were some incredibly memorable moments throughout its nine seasons on air. From Keith’s death, to Dan’s heart being eaten by a dog, and Nanny Carrie’s crazy antics, to the shocking moment the wedding limo went over the side of the bridge, there were some seriously shocking moments over the span of 187 episodes.

To celebrate 20 years of One Tree Hill, we’ve picked some of our favourite moments from the show. This was a difficult task, but below we’ve chosen our top eight favourite tidbits from the beloved 2000s teen drama.

Happy reminiscing!

1. “First of all, you don’t know me. Second of all, you don’t know me.”

After everything that was thrown at these two over the course of six seasons it’s only right that we start with their first conversation when it comes to iconic One Tree Hill moments. It was made obvious that Lucas had a crush on Peyton from afar for a while, while she suffered through a seriously toxic relationship with basketball star and Lucas’ half brother, Nathan Scott.

The scene revealed some epic chemistry between the two, but also showed that Lucas understood Peyton and her guarded nature. But, it was this first chance encounter, that changed the course of everyone in Tree Hill’s lives forever, making it a stand out moment for a lot of fans.

2. “Don’t say I never gave you anything.”

If this scene didn’t make you swoon, well we’re shocked! A classic moment is their very first tutoring session. This is the scene that started the ultimate love story of the series and was all down to a little plastic bracelet from a Cracker Jack box.

At this point Nathan is only using Haley to hurt his brother but the bracelet ends up becoming a beloved symbol of their love throughout their relationship. This was the start of what would become one of the best couples of the series, Naley.

3. “I do.”

The moment One Tree Hill fans were waiting for: a Naley wedding. The pair originally got married when they were still in high school at the end of season 1 on the beach with only Haley’s parents as witnesses. Although she had to wait Nathan ultimately felt he had to throw his wife the wedding of her dreams and so the pair renewed their vows in front of they family and friends in season three.

Always and Forever.

4. “I have more but I think I’m having my baby.”

Season four, episode twenty, marked the end of high school for the Tree Hill Ravens. We all knew our super girl Haley James Scott would become the class Valedictorian – it was only right that Tutor girl get the highest honour before leaving high school.

After quoting Shakespeare Haley dramatically gasps and announces that while she had more to add to her Valedictorian speech it would have to wait as she was having her baby. She and Nathan leave and rush to the hospital where she gives birth to their son, James Lucas Scott. A pivotal point in the show, and one that will live rent free in our heads for years to come.

5. “It’s you. When all of my dreams come true, the one I want next to me, is you.”

It’s kind of amazing where you think about how little time these spent as an actual couple in the first four seasons. They are one of the core couples of the show and yet they were only officially together for a handful of moments of seasons one to four. So, it’s only right to name this one of their most iconic moments ever as they finally admit their feelings for each other.

With the excitement and chaos following the Ravens Championship win Lucas finally admits his feelings for Peyton in a near full circle moment from the river court match between Nathan and Lucas. Now though they are free to be together with nothing and no one getting in the way. Swoon!

6. “Brooke Penelope Davis.”

We all love Jamie Scott for his incredible wit even as a young child. But our favourite moment has to be with Jamie eating ice cream and Aunt Brooke is sitting beside him upset after something else went wrong in her life.

Jamie was always Brooke’s special little guy so when he as a six-year-old child was able to comfort and empower a grown woman like Brooke, it was such a powerful moment and one of the best moments of this pair’s adorable relationship.

7. “I’m the Charlotte Bobcats new point guard. I’ve been called up.”

One of our all time favourite moments is when Nathan gets called up to the NBA. This scene is just absolute perfection. The way he tells nobody but Haley at first because she stood by him through everything and helped him make his way back to the top. Even when he says: “Thank you for believing in me.” She replies “Thank you for being worth it.”

This is why our standards are so high now. Nathan Scott you’ve ruined us!