Here’s What Coco Lodge Has To Say About The Love Island Reunion Show Drama

The tea just keeps on coming...


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Just when we didn’t think we’d hear too much more Love Island drama, Coco Lodge is speaking out about what really happened during THAT argument with Summer Botwe at the Love Island Reunion Show.

If you need a bit of reminding, Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe had a spat during the show. The argument came after Coco revealed on a recent podcast interview that she grew close to Josh Le Grove, who had a romance with Summer Botwe, while in a holding villa, and that she thinks something could have happened between them.

Speaking on the Saving Grace podcast, Coco shared information about the moment she thinks sparks could have flown, she said, “He was like ‘Oh I’m horny’ I was like right… I’m gonna take myself to bed. But I don’t know why I did that because sorry he’s so fit…


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“But we are really close now, like we spend like every day, like all day together and I’m like just let me try once. I even say to him, ‘Just let me try once please Josh!’”

On the aired show, audiences just saw a snippet of this drama, but an audience member has since spilled some tea online saying that the argument went on a lot longer than what was shown and resulted in Coco storming off the set, yikes!


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Dami Hope also revealed on Twitter that the fight was edited out and even suggested that Coco would, “tell you guys somehow.” And that’s exactly what has happened!

In a YouTube video posted to her own channel Coco recalled, “I’ll give you a little bit of an insight, because there was a TikTok going around and it’s kinda like fake news – so, all of that isn’t true. I did not go on a rampage talking about sex, people were confused and the producers did not take me out.”


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“All that really happened was, obviously Summer kind of came at me and made a comment that was unnecessary when we were talking about who’d got with who…

“[She was] aware of Josh’s actions since coming out of the villa, and so no offence but it seems like a bit of an excuse that [she was] even coming for me… She was making some nasty comments. I’m not going to give too much away about what she said, but they were inappropriate and I would never call people these words.

“The producers because of the comments wanted to pull me out. I am a sensitive person, I am a crier, so yes I did nearly cry. I don’t like having confrontation, especially when someone is my friend,” she said.

You can watch the full video here:

We miss the Islanders on our tellies but when they are all taking to YouTube, it makes it a lot easier to keep up with their lives!

Gemma Owen revealed earlier this week that she would be starting a YouTube channel and Tasha Ghouri has also already started hers.

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