Here’s What Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

All the bits

It’s the weekend! And the sun is out!

And Team STELLAR has put together a list of things we’ve been loving this week.


Head of Digital Jade is loving… Game changing eye liner

I generally love wearing a bit of eyeliner. You wouldn’t know this about me though, because I rarely wear it.

This is because I’m quite bad at applying it. I mess it up, I use too much, my eyes never match and it frustrates me to no end.

KASH Beauty, however, seems to have answered my prayers and launched a new liner pen that also comes with an eraser on the end. Game changer, honestly.

Now I no longer fear eye liner application, safe in the knowledge that I can easily rub out mistakes without ruining my makeup. Class.

VIP Digital editor Bronwyn is loving… Strong hair

After years of bleaching my hair, my poor gruaig is worse for wear. Recently I’ve decided that I need to give my locks some TLC and I’ve been trying to find the perfect products to do just that. And I’ve been through a lot of them!

The latest range from JOICO entitled INNERJOI has well, sparked some joy in my life.

I’ve recently been using the strengthening range which is best for over-processed, over-worked hair. This range is made with Coconut and Abyssinian oils, to help repair damaged hair while fortifying strands to reduce future breakage.

You can find your perfect product and rangeĀ here.

Head of Digital Jade is loving… A spicy treat

I’m big into a spicy flavour.

Noodles, margs, pasta, chocolate, crisps… you name it, chances are I’d want a bit of spice in it.

Now, you can get extra flaming hot Wotsits, Doritos, and Walker’s MAX, and lads, let me tell you, they are incredible.

Spicy crisps are generally not that spicy imo, but these ones are next level hot. It’s as if they were created for me especially, a person who loves spice. Delish.