Here’s What We Know About Molly-Mae’s Wedding Plans

It's defo gonna be extravagant.

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Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s love story is a super modern fairytale.

Boy meets girl on a reality dating show, boy and girl fall in love on national telly, boy and girl have a baby, boy proposes and girl says yes!

Fans of the famous duo have watched their lives unfold from literally day one when Tommy got a text in the Love Island villa to say a bombshell was waiting to date him – so it makes sense that people are invested in what their eventual wedding will look like.

While no details are set in concrete just yet, we’ve gotten a couple of insights into how their big day will pan out; and it sounds like it’s going to be a lavish affair!

Firstly, we know that the wedding will take place in England. Chatting on her YouTube channel this summer, Molly explained that “the wedding will definitely be in the UK.”

The influencer also shared that the pair will be wed in a Catholic church.

“Tommy is religious and that’s the one thing he said, like you can kind of go wherever you want with this wedding, do what you want, but the one thing he would love would be for it to be in a Catholic Church,” Molly shared, adding “and that’s absolutely fine with me.”


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As for when the wedding will take place, it might not be for a while, as Molly told followers her sister is getting married next year.

She explained that she wants her sister, Zoe, to “have her moment”, which may mean that Molly Mae’s wedding will occur further down the line.

Another exciting detail that Tommy revealed on Good Morning Britain is that the couple have chosen their first dance song.

Tommy said, “We discussed that the first time we met. It’s going to be very different, but at the end of the day, all to be revealed, there’s a lot to look forward to.”


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Intriguing! We wonder if we went back to rewatch their season on Love Island if we would get any hints?

When it comes to taking Tommy’s surname, it sounds like Molly will be becoming a Fury!

She shared on her YouTube that she “really want[s] to have the same surname as Tommy and Bambi.

“I want to be a family unit. Not that it really makes any difference, it’s not really going to change anything but it’s an important thing for me.”

Ahhh, bless. We can’t wait to tune in to their big day!