Here’s Why Lauren Conrad Cut Ties With Her Former Friends On The Hills

"I love so many people we worked with… there is certain, like, toxic elements there and it gets really hard"

It’s been an entire decade since reality TV show The Hills originally wrapped, but still, Lauren and the rest of the gang live rent-free in our heads. While 2019 saw a revival of the show, many of the main characters we all grew to know and love in the OG series did not make a return. Two of those being Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port.

Lauren and Whitney hit things off in the closet of the Teen Vogue Office in the show’s very first series and went on to become unproblematic queens together, lending a supportive ear and a shoulder to cry on to one another. However, when Lauren abruptly left the show back in 2009, it was said that she ‘distanced’ herself from Whitney and the rest of The Hills cast members, leaving some of them a bit baffled.

However, Lauren and Whitney recently proved The Spice Girls right, showing that true friendship really does never end and had a mini-reunion (virtually) on Whitney’s podcast ‘Dear Media’s With Whit’.

Chatting about losing touch with one another, the two confirmed that although they don’t speak every day, they still will always remain friends, with both of them always asked the question if they’re still close.

“That’s how people really got to know us was together in the Teen Vogue closet and people always want to know the behind the scenes and, like, if there was any drama,” Whitney said.

“My answer to them is always, you know, it’s friends that you went to college with. Good friends that you had really special experiences with, that you always have love for, but that you don’t always keep in touch with.”

Going on to speak about how Lauren chose to distance herself from Whitney and the rest of her friends from the show at the time of her leaving it, Whitney admitted that she felt a little abandoned by her once friend.

“I think that I fell into that bucket of, ‘Maybe she just doesn’t really want anything to do with me anymore because I’m part of the show that she wants to kind of move away from.”

To which Lauren replied: “It was such an odd time for me and I did it for as long as I could and it was one of those things where I was like, okay, well, this isn’t like a healthy space for me anymore. I need to kind of like live my own life and do this…I kind of like removed myself from that whole scene.”

Continuing with the conversation, Lauren apologises to Whitney for making her feel abandoned, admitting that she cut ties with everyone in order to focus on herself and her own life.

“And I apologize for ever making you feel that way, because obviously it had nothing to do with you personally… It’s just me being like, okay, like I need to live my life,”

“I lived a certain way for so long and, like, as much as I am appreciative and I love you and I love so many people we worked with… there is certain, like, toxic elements there and it gets really hard,”

“We started so young…It’s such a time where you’re figuring out who you are and…I did it in such a weird way. Like, I need to do this on my own now…or just like literally living my life for me.”

Well, if that isn’t a lesson in putting yourself and your mental health first then I don’t know what is, G’wan LC.