Here’s Why Little Mix Are Getting Roasted For Being ‘Fake Feminists’ And ‘Racists’ Right Now

“Grow a damn backbone @littlemix.”

Little Mix

There’s no denying that Little Mix have brought girl power back into the mainstream in recent years.

Since forming on the X Factor in 2011, the foursome have been trailblazing the charts with a message of female empowerment; a message we arguably haven’t heard since the demise of The Spice Girls.

Still, criticisms that the girls are only exploiting second wave feminism as a smart marketing tactic to sell records have persisted, and thanks to a recent radio interview they did with the Zach Sang Show, those judgements have gone full steam.

Things took a political turn during the interview when the girls were asked if they’d attended the recent Women’s March and they confirmed that they were unable to attend due to their touring schedule.

Little Mix Touch 1

Next the girls were asked about their views on Theresa May and Donald Trump.

“Of course, a bit of girl power there…” the girls responded in relation to the new UK PM, which for many listeners was considered approval of some of her recent controversial right-wing policies.

Next the girls were asked of their opinion of Trump and his impending state visit to the UK.

“We welcome visitors,” Jade responded, clearly not wanting to provoke any controversy.

The girls have since been widely criticised online for their non-committal stance on women’s issues and also for not taking the opportunity to speak out against Trump.

Whaddya reckon? Should the girls have been more forthright with their opinions?


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