Here’s Why Loads Of People Reckon Taylor Swift Voted For Donald Trump

Her bestie Lena won't be happy if it's true.

After months of campaigning, a day of voting and a night of counting, the results are in. Donald Trump is the new President Elect of the United States.

Aside from the diehard Trump fans, many of the Republican’s supporters chose to keep quiet about their preferences in the lead-up to the election, especially those in the public eye who risked alienating fans. The outcome of this silence means it’s not easy to figure out who exactly ticked Trump’s name on the ballot, despite the fact that technically every second voter must have done so in order to give him a majority.

One of the biggest did-she-didn’t-she mysteries of Election Day definitely involved Taylor Swift. The usually outspoken and upfront singer gave no clue as to who she might be voting for, telling fans only that she had indeed voted (or at least queued at a polling station). As a result, many fans are wondering if Ms. Swift may in fact be a closet Trump fan.

Today is the day. Go out and VOTE ??

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Why? Well, there are a few reasons…

She’s been extremely silent throughout the Presidential campaign
Taylor has spoken before about her reluctance to disclose her political views. In 2012 she told Time that she chose to keep schtum because “it might influence other people… And I don’t think that I know enough yet in life to be telling people who to vote for.”

However many believe it’s simply a tactic to remain neutral and avoid upsetting any of her large and varied fan base. As Rolling Stone pointed out during its oft-quoted 2008 interview with the singer, Swift is “constantly worried about saying something that could be construed as offensive to her fans.”

Whatever the reason, yesterday’s polling station photo was the first time in this whole campaign that Taylor has made reference to voting or politics.

There’s a loose connection there
While Taylor’s never allied herself to either candidate, Trump is a big fan of hers, even specifically tweeting back in 2012 to promote her Grammy nominations co-hosting gig and calling her “terrific.”


Her two home states both voted majority Trump
Taylor was born in Pennsylvania, and lived there until she was 14, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee to pursue her country singing dreams. Pennsylvania was one of the key “swing states” in this election, having moved from a more Republican leaning to a mixed, competitive leaning over the last few decades. However last night the state voted Trump, giving him 48.8% of their ballots to Clinton’s 47.7%. Tennessee is well known as a Republican state, and last night a massive 61.1% of votes there went to Trump. Not great odds for the Democrats.


Lena might be pro-Hillary, but many of Tay’s other BFFs are not

four years ago today I met my best friend ⭐️? I love you more everyday.

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Lena Dunham has been outspoken in her support of Clinton, attending many rallies and political events as one of her key supporters. Kendall Jenner, Beyoncé and Lady Gaga have also aligned themselves with Clinton. However Taylor’s long-time best friend Karlie Kloss likely voted Trump, given that she’s four years into a relationship with Josh Kushner, whose brother Jared just to happens to be married to Ivanka Trump. Yup, that Ivanka Trump. As for Taylor’s other bestie, Selena Gomez, she grew up in  the staunchly Republican Grand Prarie, Texas.

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