Here’s Why Loads Of Women Are Currently Rushing To Change Their Birth Control Before Trump Takes Office

They want contraception that'll outlast his presidency.

Birth Control

Yesterday’s news of an impending Trump presidency has prompted thousands of people to take action. Some took to the streets to protest, others put the new president-elect to rights on Twitter, and many women said they’ll be changing their birth control with immediate effect.


In an unexpected turn of events, thousands of women took to Twitter yesterday to say they’ll be getting an IUD – a type of long-term contraception that can last up to 12 years – as a direct result of Trump’s upcoming presidency, and advocating other women to do the same.

While that may sound like an odd intention, it makes sense given Donald Trump’s previous comments on birth control.

Speaking of Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which currently covers the cost of most forms of contraception, Trump previously said that he plans to scrap it “very, very quickly,” should he be elected, therefore making the cost of preventing pregnancy much more expensive for women throughout the States.

What’s more is, both Trump and his vice-president Mike Pence share an extreme stance on abortion and have said they would campaign to overturn Roe V Wade, a landmark Supreme Court Case that legalised a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy in 1973.

Currently though, it’s unclear to what extent a Trump presidency could limit American women’s reproductive rights, plans that will likely become more apparent in the next two months leading up to his inauguration.

If there’s one silver lining, then it’s that women will have until Trump is sworn into office on January 20th to find a contraception method that works for them.