Here’s Why Sleeping Is The Key To Fast-Tracking Your Career

Forget staying late and dining el desko: Research says if you wanna be successful at work, you should rest up and get more sleep. This is why...

woman asleep on her laptop

Listen up ladies! Instead of sloggin’ it 24/7 at the office, you should be taking it easier and ensuring you get adequate sleep. That’s cos a new study has found just how important proper sleep is, with the discovery that you’re actually more productive if you’re dying with a hangover, than if you’d stayed up all night watching Netflix.

The research by Vitality Health revealed that you can drink and smoke to your heart’s content and there’ll likely be little effect on your productivity in the office. If you miss an hour of sleep though? You can expect to be on the go slow all day long.

“It’s something we discussed at length when we were going through the data, because we were quite surprised” said Shaun Subel, Vitality Health’s director of strategy.

The majority of us can’t properly function with less that six hours sleep a night

The study, carried out on more than 21,000 employees, found that the employees who got less than six hours kip were far less productive than those who got the recommended seven to eight hours.

“The majority of us can’t properly function with less that six hours sleep a night,” explains sleep specialist Breege Leddy. “However, it is not just about the quantity of sleep, it is about the quality of sleep. We must ensure we have an organised sleeping pattern to make the most of sleep.”

So, we guess you can feel a little bit less guilty about having that extra glass of chardonnay in the evening (yay!) just so long as you get to bed at a reasonable hour.

By Laura Somers.